There is divinity inside of you.

Coaching & Energy Healing to support women in realizing their true beauty and potential.

Hi, I’m Lena, your coach on this sacred journey.

With incarnating on Earth as a woman, you have signed up for something great. You hold sacred potential inside of you. You have so much to give to this world. My coaching programs support you in realizing your true beauty, potential and divinity.

This is me.

As an emotional release coach, I help you to solve problems around your body, your nutrition and your sexuality. My vision is that women are no longer holding themselves back due to low self worth and unrealistic standards from society.

I combine knowledge and methods from yoga, tantra and spirituality with science-backed body psychology and holistic health.

In the coaching, you learn to identify your emotional blocks and physical tensions, to allow hidden feelings come to surface and to unravel the old stories connected to them.

Conflicts dissolve into unity. You gain access to your very own femininity and experience how intuition, body awareness and self-love transform your entire life!

Healing the collective feminine.

For centuries women on Earth have been systematically oppressed and exploited. Memories of millennia of patriarchy are present in the collective energy field and deeply embedded in our psyche. All people in our culture, men and women alike, suffer to some degree from this oppression.

We have internalized all kinds of taboos, expectations and obligations - often opposing our natural instincts and desires. We have been taught us to feel shame for our bodies and the way they function, leading to inner conflict, anxiety and low self worth.

Learn to love yourself radically.

In this context, loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are, becomes an act of radical rebellion!

You are a perfect and beautiful human being. It is your birthright to feel pleasure and ease in life. Now is the time to claim your power and potential!

About me.

Since I can remember, I have been equally fascinated by the body and the psyche. In my work as an emotional release coach, I combine both.

The body and the brain are in constant contact and exchange with each other. This means: If you want true change, it’s not enough to mentally understand where your blockages come from. You need to feel it in your body.

What you feel, you release.

This is exactly what I help you with.

My methods are a unique mix of everything I’ve learned.

I combine methods from yoga (meditation, body awareness and breathing exercises) tantra teachings and womb work with insights from body psychotherapy and holistic health. This is a mix of everything I have learned and experienced on my path over many years into a wide range of methods, so that you will not find this coaching in this way a second time.

If you have specific questions about the methods I used and trainings I have done, send me a message.

I demand of myself that I never stop learning and discovering new things, and that I constantly get to know myself better. Once a layer of self-doubt, attachments and programming has been removed, a new one emerges - a path that is never over! With each layer we dive into a deep transformation, opening up infinite new possibilities. That is what makes this path so exciting!

Work with me!

Every human being desires connection deep in their heart. Someone who resonates with us. Someone who accepts us unconditionally and who tells us that it is okay to be the way we are.

For healing to happen, it needs the mirror and acceptance of another human being.

Healing desperately wants to happen on this planet. People are desperate for spaces where this can happen. Here you have found such a space.

My programs are designed to support you in realizing your true beauty and potential. See if one of the programs resonates with you or book a free call to get to know each other first.

Find out if we are a good fit.

A personal call is the best way to find out if and how we can work together. You can book a free get-to-know-call here.


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The time to heal is now.

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